Frankie Made Me

by The Bird Feeders

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The perks of being bored and alone one night
Excuse my voice


released November 1, 2014

Guitar / Vocals - JW
Hurdy-Gurdy - JW
Glockenspiel - JW
Saxophone - JW



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The Bird Feeders New York, New York

Just a man , a myth, and a legend

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Track Name: Frankie Made Me Do It
I walk around town
I can't help but stumble
And then I sit down
Why do I mumble

I get home from school
I go to work
I can't do this anymore
How did I ever think this would work

I come off a fool
I get so hurt
I can't do this any longer
How did I ever think this was gonna work

You wear my crown
I hear the rumble
You wear a gown
For you I'd tumble

We go to the bank
We go to the store
We can't afford anything
Not after this no not anymore
Track Name: Mute
I'm just a younger man
Who's gotten out of hand
Just want to go away
Come back another day

My daddy once told me
That blind men don't need to see
I think he was off his rocker
As I slept inside my locker
Rest your head tonight
I'll be your nightlight
I'm thinking that I just might
Go ahead and lose my sight

Cause I am your only fan
And I just don't understand
Why all the words I say
Disappear today
Track Name: Baguette
When I've got to go
Just cause you said so
When I'm old and gray
What will you say

I head down to the bakery
Get myself one plus a dozen
I'm tired of your fakery
Why did this happen all of a sudden

Take a detour down 425
Don't really know where I'll arrive
Anything to get away from you
Maybe spend an hour at the zoo

But in the end I'll miss you
Track Name: New York State Cross Country Champ
You left a message on my answering machine
You talked about some sort of video you'd seen
I didn't understand what it had to do with me
I can't decipher you even when I have the key

I'm on the bus on my way to SUNY canton
It's really nice they say but it's so far away
I can't run as fast as those I seem to pass
You keep on finding hope that you will soon abandon

You will soon abandon me
Track Name: If I Ask Nicely
You don't do anything these days
You have less than mysterious ways
When I'm with you there are no grays
There is no black or white in this maze

You just stay locked inside your room
Quit acting like this is your tomb
You've got to take off that costume
I promise there's no nearby doom

Let's just sit out in the sun
You want more games I've got a ton
Let's just sit underneath the clouds
Let's play our games and shout out loud